Membership Rules

Online Class Booking Policy

Members can book classes for the subsequent two days starting at 10:30 pm each night. 

For example, members can book a Thursday morning class after Monday 10:30 pm.

For reservations or questions, please contact your consultant. If a class is not booked 6 hours prior to the start time, the class will be cancelled without notice. 

Membership Rules

1. If a member needs to cancel a class, he/she must cancel the class on the app or notify the staff 6 hours before the class starts.

2. If a member does not apply for cancellation before the specified time, and was promoted from waitlist status to normal status. The class will be deducted from the membership status regardless of whether the member is able to attend the class or not.

3. If a member accumulates two no-shows, online booking will be banned for two weeks starting from the second no-show. However, members can still come to the club for waitlists in person, but there is no guarantee that they will be able to attend the class.

4. Members should wait in front of the classroom at least 5 to 10 minutes before the class starts.

5. Under any circumstances, if a member is late, he/she will be refused entry to the classroom.

6. Due to the epidemic, members should bring their own water bottles and towels.

7. Please remember to turn your mobile phone to silent mode when entering the classroom.

8. Members are not allowed to use any objects, including towels and water bottles, to occupy classroom space while waiting in line.

9. Please wear appropriate sports clothes and shoes to enter the classroom.

10. Please take off your shoes before entering the yoga classroom.